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Award Scholarschips - University of Pavia 2011
Scholarship Awards for students from developing countries - University of Pavia.
Deadline for applications: 30 May 2011.
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The Social Science Library (SSL): Frontier thinking in sustainable development and human well-being * * available for free

The Global Development and Environment Institue (GDAE) at Tufts University, USA, in conjunction with the United Nations Decade for Education for Sustainable Development developed the Social Science Library (SSL) which is now available for free distriubtion to libraries and institutions in 137 developing and transitional countries. They are currently seeking organisations with the capacity to:
1) identify potential recipients in one or more eligible countries;
2) receive a bulk mailing from GDAE, and
3) forward individual packets to recipients in the country

The goal of the SSL is to significantly expand access to social science literature in developing and transitional countries where many university libraries have scant materials in these areas. For some university and college libraries these extraordinary resources will multiply their social science holdings many times over.
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If you can suggest potential partners who can help us distribute the SSL to countries not yet fully covered, please contact either Neva Goodwin, GDAE Co-Director, or Brian Roach, SSL Project Director, at

World Bank Institute is offering several courses and e-learning courses.
For an overview and more informtion, please visit their events page

International Labour Organisation course "International Trade and Labour Markets" , 11-15 July, Turin, Italy
This course will combine e-learning with a week of face-to-face classes in Turin from July 11-15. Some places, as well as some fellowships for participants from developing countries, are still available.
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WBI Policy seminar on Managing Capital Flows and Growth in the Aftermath of the Global Crisis
The World Bank Institute is organizing a policy seminar on Managing Capital Flows and Growth in the Aftermath of the Global Crisis on May 23-26, 2011 in Seoul, Korea
Application deadline: 15 May 2011
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WBI courses 2011
The World Bank Institute is offering several courses and e-learning courses.
For an overview and more informtion, please visit their events page

AERC Technical workshop on Political Economy Analysis in Africa, 12-22 March 2011, Nairobi.
Economist evaluate government policies but rarely seek to account for them. When advancing explanations, economists more often marshal normative rather than positive arguments. In this technical workshop 10 topics will be covered.
Plead submit your expression of interest before February 6, 2011.
>

Internship Programme UNDP International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth (IPC-IG), Brazil.
In 2011 IPC-IG will host interns on a continuous basis according to the following internship areas; i) communications, Outreach and Advocacy Unit, ii) Social protection and cash transfers, iii) Rural and sustainable development, iv) Inclusive Growth, v) two position in Development Innovations.
Detailed information on this year's progromme and the application process is availa le at the IPC-IG website.

Call for Applications, MUNDUS ACP project
The University of Porto is coordinating the MUNDUS ACP Project, a partnership of 20 Higher Education Institutions from the European Union and the ACP Countries (Africa, Caribbean and Pacific), within the framework of the Erasmus Mundus Programme, Action 2.
Financed by the European Commission, this project's main goal is to enhance the cooperation in the area of Higher Education between the European Union and the ACP Countries, by supporting Master and Doctorate students mobility (from the ACP Countries to Europe) as well as Teaching and Administrative Staff mobility (in both directions) and in all areas of study. With further support to the implementation of the mobility, this project includes the payment of a monthly scholarship (between 1000 and 2500 EUR, according to the type of mobility), a return ticket and a health, accident and travel insurance.

> Deadline 31st of January, only online applications
> For more information, flyers and registration, please visit the project website

Call for papers for Conference on Economic Development in Africa organised by CSAE, Oxford, 20-22 March 2011
Deadline for submission of papers is 10 December 2010.

World Bank Institute, in collaboration with TSPN & trapca, E-learning Course: Standards and Agriculture Trade: Principles and Practice, Febraury 21-March 18, 2011
The focus of the course is to analyze the role of technical regulations and standards in international trade and to develop an appreciation of appropriate policy responses, with a particular focus on agri-food products.
> Course webpage
> Application (Deadline 1 December 2010)

Trapca - WBI Course on Regional Co-operation and Preferential Agreements in Services Trade
An executive and training of trainers course, December 6 - December 10, 2010
Further information and updates about the course,

Call for papers: Monitoring Regional Integration in Southern Africa Yearbook 2010

News & Information on the eLearning Africa Conference, an Annual Event for Developing eLearning Capacities in Africa. Check out their website:

The WTO Secretariat launched a new programme of support for teaching, research and outreach activities at 14 universities in the developing world. Read more...

Request for Expressions of Interest: Individual Consultants to Teach in the MA Programs of the Department of Economics of Faculty of Business and Economics, Addis Ababa University. Read more...

The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) announced its September to December 2009 e-Learning Course Calendar. Check out their website.

Call for Applications: Peace and Security Fellowships for African Women, Conflict, Security and Development Group (CSDG) at King's College.
The Fellowships bring together African women in the early stages of their careers to undertake a carefully designed training programme in conflict, security and development. This training is followed by an attachment to an African regional organisation or a Centre of Excellence to acquire practical experience in the field of peace and security. It is intended that this project will train African women to develop a better understanding of African peace and security issues.
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The World Bank Institute Poverty Reduction Face-to-Face course on Export Development and Diversification (18-22 May 2009), WB HQ Washington.
The course will be conducted over 5 days, and each day, there will be different topics discussed by one or two Speakers. Space is very limited for this course and the application deadlin is 22 April 2009.
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UNECA African Economic Conference 2009 (11-13 November 2009, Addis Ababa): Call for proposals
The 2009 AEC will be held under the theme "Fostering Development in an era of Financial and Economic Crises" and will consist of plenary and parallel (break-out) sessions. The plenary speakers are outstanding scholars in various fields of economics as well as high-level policy makers in member state governments. Parallel sessions will be based on submitted papers.
The program commitee invites submission of abstracts, or papers, on economic issues of relevance to African economies. As an innovation in the AEC format, the Committee invites proposals for complete parallel sessions; these papers must be of high level quality from technical and policy relevance perspectives. Last day of online submission: 30 April 2009.
> More information.

Call for Expression of Interest-AERC/IMF Visiting Scholar Programme
An invitation to submit an application to participate in the AERC/IMF Visiting Scholar Programme for the 2009/20010 fiscal year. Participants will normally be selected during the AERC June and December biannual research workshops from the applications at hand. The following are the eligibility criteria:
1) An application for the AERC/IMF Visiting Scholar Programme should include a 2-3 page outline of what the
researcher would like to do at the Fund.
2) A copy of current curriculum vitae.
3) To be eligible, the applicant should have a pertinent on-going research project with the AERC which they intend
to work on while visiting the Fund.
4) The projects and papers should present a clear interest in the work of IMF.
The deadline for submission for consideration at the June 2009, biannual workshop is, April 15, 2009.

Trapca's 2nd annual Trade Research forum: Call for papers (30-31 July 2009)
The forum brings together trade experts whose discussions and debates illuminate on the academic discussions critical for understanding the current trade policy issues. The forum papers have an inclination to academic research. Authors are thus encouraged to provide an exposition in their papers that is reminiscent of the typical research papers for publication in an internationally reputable journal. In case you are interested to submit an abstract and later a paper, please find a brief outline of the research areas in the call for papers brief.
In case of any clarification, do not hesitate to contact Caiphas Chekwoti or the Academic Director, Prof. Gote Hansson.
More information see Trapca.

Summer School on Structural Change: Analyses, Experiences and Methodologies, 3-16 June 2009
Over the last few years the international debate on economic policies, and especially on development policies, witnessed the emergence of views alternative to the Washington consensus. The current economic events at the world level – people are more worried about deflation than inflation, industrialists are asking the governments to spend more rather than less, etc. – make a full understanding of such alternative views more needed than ever.
The Summer School is organized in two parts. The first aims at providing participants with a good knowledge of the main theories belonging to the tradition of the so called “heterodox economics”, which constitute the intellectual background of the alternative views mentioned before. The second part aims at providing participants with the technical skills needed to build the so called heterodox Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) models, an analytical tool through which the above mentioned views may be translated into concrete calculations on the likely effects of different sets of alternative economic policies.
Application deadline: 8th of May 2009
> More information
Registration form

The European Report on Development's call for paper: New Faces for African Development.
African PhD students and young researchers are invited to submit their papers for a poster session to be held at the ERD Conference in Accra, Ghana, 21-23 May 2009. Submissions on all the themes which will be dealt with in the ERD 2009, Development in a context of fragility - focus on Africa, are encouraged from all relevant disciplines, as detailed in the attached call. Applications can be submitted through by 1 April 2009. Selected participants will be informed no later than 6 April 2009; the ERD will cover travel and accommodation costs. More information about the ERD and the Accra Conference can be found at

World Bank Institute E-Learning Course: Food and Agriculture Trade. April 20 to May 15, 2009.
Global course delivered via Internet. Summary and objectives: Agricultural trade is undoubtedly the single most important link between trade and poverty in many developming countries, where farming accounts for a large part of total employment and constitutes the main income source for the vast majority of the poor.
The main purpose of the 4 week course is to strengthen the capacity of developing country policy makers, senior officials, advisors, and analysts to:
> understand the implications of recent trends and developments in agricultural trade flows, recent global market developments and how they can contribute to economic growth and poverty reduction;
> analyze policy issues related to food and agricultural trade; and
> design and formulate efficient unilateral domestic trade policies in the face of the challenges and opportunities presented by the developments in the international food and agricultural markets.
Application deadline is March 15th 2009.
> More information on course outline, fee etc.
> World Bank's Lending Categories by Country

Invitation for African Presentations on Public Finance at the 2009 Cape Town Congress of IIPF
This is to invite African authors to submit a paper for presentation at the 65th Annual Congress of the Institute of International Public Finance (IIPF), which will be held in Cape Town on August 13-16, 2009. The theme of the Congress is Public Economics and Development. The keynote addresses at the 65th Congress will be given by:Tony Atkinson (Oxford), Louis Kasekende (African Development Bank), Michael Keen (IMF), Martin Ravallion (World Bank) and Tony Venables (Oxford). The conference, including the participation of African presenters, is being supported by the National Treasury of South Africa, by the German Government and GTZ, and by the World Bank. The submissions will be reviewed by a Scientific Committee chaired by Ravi Kanbur, Cornell University. If selected, all costs of attending the conference will be met for African authors associated with African Institutions (one author per paper selected). The submission deadline is March 31, 2009. Submissions, of completed papers, should be sent to Ravi Kanbur,

World Bank Institute Course Announcement: Preferential Trade Agreements for Development: Issues and Implications. 11-15 May 2009, World Bank Headquarters, Washington DC.
The objective of this new course is to convey some of the most recent thinking on regional trade integration, to increase awareness and offer a forum to discuss in detail the main economic implications of regional trade agreements, and in particular what is the impact of negotiating on some the new issues covered by them. It also aims at providing participating policymakers and analysts with the appropriate knowledge and tools to analyze (and design) such agreements and ensure that regional agreements help maximize the benefits from more open trade for developing countries.
Application deadline is March 15th 2009, max. 40 participants. More information.

AERC/Journal of African Economies Visiting Scholars Programme 2008-2009. The programme will enable network members who have recently completed an AERC supported research project to visit Oxford and distill a publishable journal article from their research reports. Visiting fellows will interact with scholars and participate in the intellectual life of the Centre and the Department of Economics. Closing date for applications 15 July 2008.

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